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Apartment Hunting

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” I was at the coffee bar when a giant black transvestite walked in wearing bright purple jeans and I said: I’m HOME!” – SB


aaah freak out

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” when I can freak out the homeless people , I know I’m doing something right ” – CS


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” I’m not tired, my eyes just feel really heavy. I wish they made eyedrops that were like redbull for your eyes” – LW


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We were looking at the most stylish little person ever, when my friend pondered
” I mean where does he buy his clothes? I know there’s a big and tall store but is there a short and small store? ” – JK


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“Ever since I quit smoking , cigarettes smell like BBQ to me” – AR

” What? BBQ’d what? BBQ’d ass?” – RG


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I really creepy guy was sitting next to me at a bar and turned and said this to me. I almost called the authorities.


“Your Puurty. I don’t wanna rape you, but I could love you for a little bit” – Creep


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A friend was explaining his theory on how medications affect hyperactive people differently than they’re supposed to , for instance an upper would calm a hyperactive person. This was his example:


“I’m telling you, if you give him some Meth he’ll even right out”- RG

What I love the most is Meth was his first suggestion. Not caffeine, not a medication specifically designed for hyperactiviy,but Meth. Classic. cause thats the safest option!

The herp.

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” If herpes had a face, that’s the guy” – DT

Not aging gracefully

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” that guy was tore up. He looked like he’d been through a wood chipper at some point in his life” – CS


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” I was trying to google a cab number but I couldn’t. That’s how you know your too drunk, when you can’t google” – SB