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On LA party life

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“The craziest people I’ve ever done coke with are Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill! They’re nuts! ” – MD


On Dogs

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“Ihate that dog! It’s one of the few dogs that has pee’d on me”- HP

I don’t know what would piss me off more, the fact that a dog pee’d on me, or the fact that it’s happened a few times!

On betting while drunk

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 “If I lose money legitimately I’m fine. It’s when I bet on tennis in Japan at 3am that I wake up the next day pissed off”- RG

On Biceps

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I clearly had my beer goggles on as we were people watching and I commented on a guys arms which he was trying to display through his waaayy too tight shirt, when my friend was so kind to correct my vision with this:


“He doens’t have a Bicep, his shirt is cutting into his arm fat.” – ST

On Friendship

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My friend was recounting a story about a psycho friend of hers who picked her up for what she believed was a quick drink at thier usual place , they passed the place and the friend would not tell her where she intended to take them. She began to become suspicious and pretty nervous as they crossed state lines and the friend would still not tell her where they were going. Luckily everything turned out fine, but  believe me if you ever have to say this to one of your friends, the friendship might be over:


“I can’t be friends with you, you kidnapped me!”- SB

On Race

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Asian costume



“Ugh, I don’t ever want to be Asian!” – MD

My very white friend blurted out this gem while we were driving yesterday. Did I mention she’s white?


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“Guido: A Well dressed groomed dog.” – TB

On Aging

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A friend was recounting what it’s like to grow up in a college town. Sure its fun while your in college but now  making an appearance at your old watering hole can leave you looking like the creepy old man still trying to be cool.  This jewel of a quote was quite sobering to all present at the table.

You see people 5 years younger than you at the bar and you think, what are they doing here? How did they get in? Then you realize your almost 30. ” – DN


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I think this entire post speaks for itself.

On Coffee

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When having a conversation with a friend about what type of coffee is served at our workplace we came to the conclusion that Dunkin Donuts is superior to other coffee brands. My work place serves Starbucks, and his Folgers, thats when this little nugget came out of his mouth:

 “Folgers is definitely not the best way to start your day, and it sure as shit is not the best part of waking up”- JK